Coaching and Training Brave Souls to Rise Up and Change the World.

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I Hold That

Life is made beautiful when the joys and sorrows of our experience meet and we can own the lessons that each experience has taught us.  


I Believe That

A brave life is created in the tiny moments when we must decide to hold to our integrity and to our best selves.  


I Honour That

Life is a gift and that we were created to live abundantly every day by learning, growing and serving humanity.


Certified High Performance Coaching

Do you need more tools and advanced processes to create a BEAUTIFUL BRAVE LIFE ?  I am looking for 5 new people to guide through my high performing coaching process.  We will work one on one to help you achieve your highest potential in every area of your life.

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See what others are saying about Glenda and her coaching...

Vicki P.

“I was caught up in old beliefs about myself and about others (especially men).  Glenda has helped me rediscover that I can trust my intuition and to “fall in love with the reality, not the potential!”.  I have learned that what is one way for people to behave is not true of all people, therefore I have learned to be more generous in how I see others.  Glenda has guided me to tools and books that I would not have known about otherwise. Now, I am excitedly moving forward with my life, setting clear boundaries, and facing my problems.”

Polly B.

Recently, I went through a difficult and unexpected transition in my life, and as a result, I was no longer clear about my purpose or how to move forward. I started coaching with Glenda and it has been life changing. Glenda has taken me through powerful coaching sessions, where I have learned new tools and practiced new behaviours, which have allowed me to reclaim my life and to move forward productively.  My coaching sessions with Glenda are the best investment that I have ever made in myself. Our work together has been truly impactful; I now know how high performers think and take action and I can feel my momentum growing week by week! I'm having fun and feel confident that I am on my way to high performance and fulfillment.


Be Courageous

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