It’s Time To Take Brave Action And Kick Your Fears To The Curb

courage fears Nov 20, 2018

Are you ready to step into the reckoning? 

How do you take brave action, and kick your fears to the curb? What does it mean to live a life of courage? What does courage mean? 

Here's how I define courage: Courage is your heart connected to your actions. We can't separate our hearts from our actions and have good results. 

All action NO heart... All heart NO action...

If we're just doing actions without our heart being involved, it doesn't work. If we're just involving our heart, but not taking action, it is not courage. There's always something left behind.

Courage is needed on this planet and to live fully as a human being. Life can be hard. It can be a struggle. We have challenges and obstacles we want to overcome(which is probably why you are here). Perhaps you're in a challenge or transition in your own life.

A challenge or transition requires you to do something different, and be something different. We need courage for that process. 

We need the courage to be agents of change in the world. I believe we were put here to help make things better, not worse. 

In order to make a change, we are required to step in with our hearts and acts of courage. 

What about fear and anxiety and being in a place of not having courage? We end up trying to control things, the wrong things. Which becomes a cycle. 

We try to control... we can't control... so we become more anxious. The more anxious we become, the more we try to control. What a vicious circle!

Then we build a safe wall around our hearts.

Isolating ourselves from other people keeps us from connecting. Making us lonely, scared, and unfulfilled. Maybe even depressed and flatlining.

Courage needed!

Having courage is serious business and being without it is soul crushing. 

I was in the place of flatlining, depression, and loneliness... I built a huge wall around my heart. My life came crashing down on me(my controlled, anxiety-ridden life) when I went through my divorce. 

It was serious. My mindset nearly cost me the relationship with my children, and it nearly cost me the relationship with myself. 

It was time for a change. What I needed most to go forward (from the big fat mess that I had created) was courage. I literally latched onto courage. 

I wanted courage so I could get rid of the anxiety, depression, loneliness, and fear in my life. I wanted to create something new.

I wanted just enough bravery to start fresh and make changes for myself and my children. A beautiful brave life became my vision. 

Here’s what I learned in the process of grabbing onto courage:

It was time to connect with the people that mattered to me and to STOP isolating myself. I needed to connect with what I wanted for my children, how I wanted to contribute to the world and the legacy I wanted to leave. 

Most importantly, I needed to understand what my fears and self-doubts were. 

Three kinds of fears

  • Fear of loss 
  • Fear of what's going happen when we're in a process of growth
  • Fear of the outcome

Being in a place of fear keeps us stagnant and stuck. Therefore, I needed to understand what my backstory was. 

It was time to ask myself some questions:

1. What were the fears that are keeping you stuck and unable to go forward? 

2. How are you treating yourself? 

3. What mindsets are you allowing to rule your life? 

Answering those questions meant a commitment to the actions, habits, and mindsets of a courageous person. 

Plus, I had to be okay with being uncomfortable. I had to learn to be vulnerable.

It was ok to make a big fat mess and make mistakes (yet not beat myself up about those mistakes).  A practice commonly called self-compassion.

Brené Brown, who's one of the biggest researchers on shame and vulnerability, she calls being courageous a rumble

The rumble is messy - like being in a mud pit. 

You get dirt up your nose(and in other places), it’s cold, and you may get thrown around...

We don't really know how we're going to get out of that mud and get unstuck. So... we have to wrestle through it. 

I had to do the rumble.

It means connecting with your hard emotions and living with joy(which is hard for us to accept- we stop ourselves from feeling joy). 

You have to design a life which is congruent with the vision you have for yourself(and the people you want to impact). Plus, it’s time to change the story inside your head which keeps you from connecting to yourself or others.

The great news!

I’m excited because, through this process of change that I've experienced, I’ve been able to develop an amazing tool...

I help people get on the road to being courageous and starting fresh. To creating a Beautiful Brave life™ which benefits the whole human population. 

My Courageous Soul Fresh Start Planner will help you start your journey. I've taken all the tools I have learned and condensed them down into a SEVEN-day process. 

If you would like to know more about that and get rolling on a life of courage for yourself, join my tribe.

I have an amazing vision for you.

A vision of an empowered and courageous life. Only you have something so unique to contribute to the world. 

Your inspirational story is just waiting to be developed, and I would love for you to share that with the world. 

We need you to get into the rumble. It's so needed on the planet. Let’s do this together Courageous Soul.

I hope you found this helpful.  If you want to go deeper, I suggest you download my FREE guidebook- Seven Breakthrough Steps to Starting Over.  To grab it, just scroll down and hit the button!  Then you'll get instant access.


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