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Have you ever felt like being your best self, and just keeping going during difficult challenges and a big change was impossible?

That was true for me too!  Just like you, I struggled almost my whole life with all the challenges I had (real and imagined) or when a big transition was upon me. Truth told I created a lot of problems just from the negative story I had inside me!

It was terrible, and it made me not live the kind of life I wanted. I was unable to connect with others, and I couldn’t seem to ever get where I wanted to go. I was frustrated, angry, and confused all the time.

I tried all the usual stuff…reading books, thinking positively, and even some therapy.  

I felt like I was always spinning my wheels, alienating people, and just not quite getting it… and then I would diminish myself some more. I didn’t understand that the power wasn’t in the books, or the positive thinking, or the therapy, and so I felt confused, disempowered and desperate when my efforts backfired.

Want to know what my big aha was? I stopped thinking about all the mistakes I’d made, or what could have been and started thinking about how to be courageous and change my self-defeating habits and inner story.

Since I was thinking and showing up differently, my life took on a beautiful new look. There was no more need to beat myself up about my past or what could have been- I could start fresh each day with courage.

I call this my C.O.U.R.A.G.E Formula. It’s so powerful that anyone wanting to begin again after a life transition or a big personal challenge can create the kind of beautiful brave life they really want.

Once I was able to OWN this process, my life went from dark and feeling hopeless to clarity, courage, and connection. In short, AMAZING!

In fact, I’ve coached many others to create their new and beautiful story… and I am humbled by their successes (and new abilities to overcome difficulties and thrive like never before). If you’re ready to finally be the master of your life the right way, then I promise you’ll find my coaching extremely helpful…

I’ve got some great free training that will help you get the life of MORE.  Just click the GET STARTED button at the top of the homepage of my site. Then you’ll tell m where you’d like me to send your free training.

Sweetlove, it’s that easy!  Let’s do this Beautiful Brave Life™ together because you are worth it.

Go do that now and I’ll see you inside, Courageous Soul!





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