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Have you ever felt like being your best self, and keeping going during difficult life challenges was impossible?  Do you think that your past mistakes will always haunt you?  Have you lost your confidence and ability to know who you are?

That was true for me, too!  Just like you, I struggled my whole life with the challenges I had (real and imagined) and with the mistakes I made in my life. It seemed I was often in a drama of some kind. I created many of my problems from the negative story inside me which I had been cultivating like a carefully planted garden. Not a great plan.

It was a rotten way to live and I wanted something so different than what I was getting. I was frustrated, angry, and confused all the time, and most of my important relationships were in the tank.

I experimented with all kinds of tactics to fix things…I tried to be nicer, I tried to make everything perfect, and I tried to fix my past. I avoided how I was feeling, stayed small, and passed my sadness onto others.

I felt like I was always spinning my wheels. I didn’t understand that the power wasn’t in the trying, or perfection, or making up for all my mistakes. Plus, it was extremely disempowering when my monumental efforts backfired.

What made the shift for me? What was the grand aha that changed it all?  I stopped thinking about all the mistakes I’d made, or what could have been and started asking myself how to be courageous and change my self-defeating habits and inner story. I discovered I could choose who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up in life.

Since I was thinking and showing up differently, my life took on a beautiful new glow. There was no more need to beat myself up about my past or what could have been- I could start fresh each day with courage and I could use the high performance habits to really ramp things up.

I call this the C.O.U.R.A.G.E method. It’s so powerful that anyone wanting to redefine themselves can. You can create the kind of beautiful brave life you really want. If I can, you can!

Once I was able to OWN this process, my life went from feeling really crappy to something very rich. It is a journey where I chose to honour my story and own it which has transformed me. It's AMAZING and POWERFUL.

In fact, I’ve coached many others to create their new and beautiful story… and I am deeply humbled by their successes (and new abilities to overcome difficulties and thrive like never before). When they overcome, it is a gift to me. If you’re ready to finally be the master of your life the right way, then I promise you’ll find my coaching life changing...

I’ve got some great free training that will help you get the life of MORE.  Just click the GET STARTED button at the top of the homepage of my site. Then you’ll tell me where you’d like me to send your free training. Or if you really want to fast-track, go right to High Performance Coaching and apply to talk with me personally.

Sweetlove, it’s that easy!  Let’s do this Beautiful Brave Life™ together because you are worth it.

Go and start, Courageous Soul! Life is meant to be abundant, we must choose to create it.

Love Glenda xx



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